Monday, September 9, 2013

catch up through March...

I am determined to get this caught up, and I will someday :)
Emma won the Reflections contest in her school last November. She used a picture she took of a giraffe at the Zoo when we went the April before. She received a medal, a twix and a $20 gift card to Wal-mart. She was super excited.

As always, we had a great Christmas break. The kids enjoyed opening presents, and we enjoyed watching them. (like our fake fire in the background?)

In February I won tickets to ride the Heber Valley Railroad. The kids had so much fun. The fire wasn't working on our car, so it was a little cold. A really nice man bought our entire family hot chocolate to keep us warm. 
James was really excited to ride the train. It was dark, so we couldn't see much outside, but we were on a train, he didn't care. He was also excited because the train looked like Mavis(Thomas fans will know who that is).

Emma likes to make funny faces!

In March Emma was asked to be part of the Miss PG pageant. She was a little miss for one of the contestants. She had so much fun. They learned a little pirate dance and then they were the escorts for the formal dress portion. We had to track down a white dress for the formal part. That was a much harder task than I expected.

Emma loved being a part of this, and I got a taste of what it's like to be a pageant mom (it's definitely NOT for me)!

Melissa won 1st attendant, Emma was excited that she won. Mandy broke her toe right before the pageant while getting Emma ready. Luckily Aunt Emily was able to help Emma with all of her costume changes and make sure she was set for each thing. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Disneyland-Princess Breakfast

 Emma was so excited to have breakfast with the Princesses. You can't really see it in the pictures. But I did her hair fancy in the back so she could be like a princess. There were a few people that were starring it down trying to figure out what I did.
 James is ready to eat!
 The princesses came out and went table by table to take pictures. It was so well organized.

 We are so grateful to our Daddy for making this happen.

 After breakfast we stopped for some silly time.

 Love this faces!

Still more to come...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Disneyland Part 3

 This was a pic we took on Thanksgiving Day with all the family in CA. It was so fun to spend some of Thanksgiving with them.
 We spend Thanksgiving morning at Disneyland and then left for dinner, after dinner we went back to the park. It wasn't nearly as crowded as we expected it to be.
 James was feeling a little left out since he kept getting left so we could take Emma on the big rides. We had Mandy's parents take Emma for a little bit so that we could have some time with just him in Cars Land.
 He LOVES Mater.
 He was being pretty silly while we were waiting in line for Luigi's Flying Tires. He absolutely loved that ride.

 This is how we would find the kids each morning. They were always so exhausted once we got back. But as soon as they got up they were ready to go again.
 We took a little stroll through Pixie Hollow.

These pictures really aren't in any order. This was our last night at the park. It had been a hard day. We were trying to get back to Carnation CafĂ© so I could get fried dill pickles. The parade was going, so it was a mess. James lost his blanket at some point during the chaos. For everyone that knows James well, you know this is a big problem! Earlier that day I had lost my drivers license and cell phone. Geoff got the kids and I seated at the restaurant and went on a search for the blanket. Out of all the things I'd lost, the blanket was the one I cared about the most. Since I didn't have my cell phone I had no idea where he was or if he had found it. Our waiter was really awesome. He didn't want me to leave Disneyland upset, so he took really good care of me. The chef came out to talk to me and bring me my pickles, and they gave me flowers. Geoff finally came back, with blanket in hand. He said that when he started telling "cast members" about the lost blanket to see if they had seen it, they started parting traffic like it was the red sea to help him find it. That's one reason why I love Disneyland so much, they care a lot about everyone having a good experience. Emma had fallen asleep waiting and James was already asleep in his stroller. We spent our last few minutes in the park sipping cinnamon hot chocolate and eating fried dill pickles. Both were super yummy. I have more pics...will get them up later.