Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little catching up to do...

I know...I'm really behind. I have decided to just get caught up before I do any more of Disneyland(if I ever get time).

At the end of October we celebrated James' 2nd birthday--that's right, terrible 2's!
Since cars is his most favorite thing in the whole world(including mommy and daddy), we decided it should be "Cars" themed. This is the cake I came up with, he loved it.

Every time I make a cake Emma thinks she needs to help. So to keep her from "helping" with my cake a usually make a little something for her to help with. This is her creation...isn't it beautiful.

She was quite proud of it, and could put someone into a diabetic coma with just one bite!

James loved opening his presents. He got spoiled by our family and friends as usual.

James really liked it when we sang Happy Birthday to him.

After all the fun was over the kids couldn't wait to play with the new toys...the little boy there is of our best friends.

I'm sad to say that I think this is all the Halloween pictures I got...kinda sad. I just get so caught up in the fun that sometimes I forget to take more pictures. Emma's preschool had a little program and parade for us. she was so excited. Ever since last year(2009) Emma had decided to be Glenda, the good witch...I thought for sure she would change her mind, but she stuck to it, which means next year I think she wants to be Strawberry Shortcake.

This is Emma's class after the program.

James was originally going to be a munchkin, but right before Halloween I got pneumonia, and really didn't feel up to putting together a munchkin he was Woody instead.
Halloween was very cold and rainy, but the kids still had a blast trick or treating. This was James' first year that he really understood it...he was very excited, but not too happy that he didn't get to eat all the candy right then.