Sunday, May 25, 2008


Emma loves to lay on the couch and watch the Pixar shorts, she even needs a blanket sometimes, she usually watches it in the morning and snuggles with mommy. Earlier in the day before I took these pictures I had taken her to the doctor, to find out that she had pneumonia. I was a little nervous when the doctor told me this, but she was totally fine, she recovered very quickly. The only way you could really tell that she was sick was that she had a terrible cough, and that she was a little grumpy! We are so happy that she got better so quickly.

A hike to Battle Creek Falls

On Monday we decided it was nice enough weather to take family home evening outside for a hike, we took a little hike to Battle Creek Falls, and spent a little time at the falls, Emma tried to play in the water a little, but it was cold, she wanted to touch the falls too, but when she would get close enough the water would splash her a lot. Whe had a lot of fun watching the falls and throwing rocks. She got to see some birds, a lizard, and she heard the crickets, which she believed were pigs. We are looking forward to taking her up to the canyon a little bit this summer when it warms up just a little bit more, we are hoping to try a little camping trip with her too.

Outside with Emma

Emma absolutely loves to go outside and play, she likes to look at the flowers and color with her sidewalk chalk. As you can see she gets quite messy with the sidewalk chalk, since she doesn't like her hands to be dirty she wipes them on her shirt, I guess she doesn't realize that she is still dirty! She has to touch every flower, and we try to go over the colors of the flowers, she has a hard time getting them right, but we are working on it. She helped us with yardwork on Saturday, she worked really hard, I wish I had taken a few pictures

Emma loves to cook!

Emma loves to help in the kitchen, she loves to help stir and add the ingredients. If we aren't actually cooking something she will find a spoon and a bowl and pretend to stir. She usually pretends to make soup or pancakes, and once they are done she likes to feed them to us. I think her favorite part of cooking is the sampling, she tries to be sneaky about it, but usually gets caught.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese, sunglasses, and fishing

Here is Emma at Chuck E. Cheese, she really like this bike ride

This is Emma with her cousin Brigham. They have a lot of fun playing together when they get the chance, they had a lot of fun here.

Emma loves to pretend that she's driving, in our car, or anything else that has a steering wheel.
Emma insisted on wearing sunglasses while she at her yogurt for breakfast.
Don't you love her hair!!!

We decided to get her the fishing game a little bit ago, she has fun playing, she doesn't fish too much, she just like to put ours back once we've caught one.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

our trip to Disneyland

Here is our family waiting for the train to start moving. Emma loves trains, so she was pretty excited to ride on one.

This is Emma and Mommy on the carousel, Emma really liked this ride and it had a very short line which made it easy to ride a few times.

This is Emma and Mommy on a bug's life ride in California Adventure, Emma had fun pretending that she was in a balloon.

Here's Emma, with her minnie ears, waiting in line for the Train, she was very excited for this ride, she had lots of fun on it.

Here we are at the character breakfast with Minnie, Emma was so excited to see Minnie, but wasn't quite sure about her, or any of the other characters once they came to see her. She enjoyed her Mickey shaped waffles, and lots and lots of strawberries at the breakfast.

Emma loved to give the characters kisses, here she is kissing Dale.

Waiting for Mickey Mouse Playhouse to start, Emma had fun watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny. We got really good seats right at the front too.

We stopped to pose for a family picture at the "C" in front California Adventure.

This is Geoff and Emma right before we rode the Dumbo ride. Emma loves elephants, so we were really excited to take or on this one. When asked what color Dumbo she wanted to ride she said "umm, green."