Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snow Fun

We really only got to play in the snow once this winter, the snow didn't seem to last long when we got a lot, and it always seemed to snow on a day we didn't have time to go out and play, or when it was too late to go play.
Emma was so excited to play in the snow, but James wasn't so sure at first. He hated wearing is big puffy coat, so any time we had to put it on him it was a two man job. I'm still not sure how I did it with just me.
He was excited to wear his "Cars" snow boots.
The snow was so deep James needed a little help moving around...he still wasn't sure about the snow, until I taught him to throw a snow ball...then he was super happy, good thing we don't live in Provo(it's illegal to throw snowballs).

James picked up this snowball and just put it on my pants...he was pretty funny about it.
Emma thought throwing snowballs was pretty great too.

Emma really wanted to make a snowman...but my snowman skills are not all that awesome, especially if you compare them to Daddy's, so instead she made snow angels.

The kids also thought it was cool to eat the snow.

I thought I would take a minute to update you on what the kids are up to now.
Emma is doing great in preschool, she is starting to read, she sat at the kitchen table and read me one of the books she made at preschool...I was so proud. She is growing tall all the sudden, I measured her the other day and was amazed at how much she has grown. She will start Kindergarten later this year and is so excited. She has been making lots of new friends and having more and more playdates. I love that she gets along with other kids so well.
James is also doing great, he is growing too...especially his feet! He loves to play with everything, but is favorites are still his trains and cars. He follows Emma everywhere and does what she does, if she is pretending to cook, then he pretends to cook too. He likes to "help" a lot. He is learning his letters and know the letter O very well, he is working on E and S now.
We are looking forward to spring and summer and the fun we have planned.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A quick post about Thanksgiving

I know this is way out of order, but I forgot about these pictures and just found them tonight. This is a quick post, but I will try to get some more editing done and get another post up soon.
James really enjoyed his Thanksgiving dinner, especially the chocolate pie.
Emma learned about the Indians and Pilgrims at preschool, she came home with this cute little bonnet one day...she was so very proud of it.
Our handsome little stud!
This is from the day they learned about the Indians, Emma was so excited to have a drum...she thought it was so neat, and she was even nice enough to let James have a try. I think little James feels left our from time to time because Emma brings home such fun stuff from preschool. He often cries when we drop her off, it's sweet that they love each other as much as they do...hopefully that won't change when they get older.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Little More Christmas Fun

Our ward (Church) Christmas party did the "Bethlehem Express" it was a spin on the movie polar express. When we got there they had some live sheep for the kids to take pictures with. James wasn't so sure...but Emma warmed up fast enough.
We had some friends come with us to the Alumni House at UVU to take some pictures of our families. It was a great place to get some fun pictures. Hopefully we will be able to go back soon to take some spring pictures.

Santa came to visit our office for our Patient Appreciation Day, it was a big hit with all the kids and we had a great turn out(for those of you that came and read my blog, if you didn't get your pictures please let me know, my computer was having problems and I have no idea who got them and who didn't)
Emma's preschool put on a fun Christmas program, Emma did such a great job singing all the songs. It was fun to see all the fun songs that they have learned and to see her interact with her preschool friends.

Emma sat by her friend Jenny for the program.
For some reason Emma thought that her elf hat should stand straight up, I tried to get her to fix it, but that's the way she wanted it...she definitely has her own style right now.
I LOVED the rudolf noses...the kids were so cute with them on.

Emma was so excited for her program, she was so happy to have so many people from our family come.

This is part of the church party. Geoff was asked to be a shepherd in the "play" that they did. He didn't realize he would be the main shepherd and have lots of speaking parts, so he wasn't too thrilled by the end...but we think he did a great job. It took the kids a few minutes to figure out it was Daddy, it was cute once they did.

Another sheep picture. They took a family picture in front of the train that they made, but I haven't gotten it yet...I just thought about it the other day, I will have to ask about it.
There will be more Christmas coming soon...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A peak of Christmas

I know I am way behind...what can I say, we are busy bee's.
The kids had a fun Christmas and I will try to get more up soon. Here is just a little peak of our fun. They love to help decorate. My mom let them help decorate her tree, and they thought it was great.

Emma loves to help, with whatever she can, and her helping has actually started to turn into more help than trouble. She especially loves to decorate.
James still thought that the best thing to do with the balls were to throw them, of course he would, he's a boy. He also thought it was better to remove the ornament that had just been put up.