Thursday, July 24, 2008

Emma's Birthday

We really can't believe that Emma turned 2. Wow how time flies. She had a great birthday. The first thing she said to me when she woke up that morning was "Birthday Balloons," I had told her the night before that we would go get balloons for her birthday. We had to do that first thing, she was pretty insistent. I made a caterpillar cake, that I was really proud of. She couldn't wait to eat it. She got a lot of presents from people, the highlights were the drum set that Geoff and I got her, kitchen that Grandma and Grandpa Makin got her, and the picnic table that Anita and Todd gave her. I've put a small video of her birthday on here, I also put her 2 year video on here, it is about 7 minutes long, but it's worth it, so take the time, and turn up the sound so you can hear the music

Wheeler Farm

I took Emma to Wheeler farm in June, they had a lot of activities going on, she got to ride a train, get her face painted, color with sidewalk chalk, and just run around. She will still tell you that the train ride was bumpy! She had a lot of fun, I really wore her out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lavender Days and a fairy tea party

These are some pics of Emma at a Fairy Tea Party. She had so much fun dressing up like a fairy. Aunt Emily had originally just gotten her the little tutu, we didn't think that she would wear the wings, but once she saw all the other little girls with wings, she came to me and asked me for butterflies, so I went to a booth right outside the party and got her these, I was so excited that she would actually wear them. The other little girls she went with thought she needed a want too, so they went and got her one. We thought she would be too young for the tea party, but she really did good, and had a lot of fun being like all the big girls, drinking her lavender lemonade, and eating her lavender cookie. We had fun watching her.

While she was at Lavender Days she also got to do a pony ride, she had so much fun riding the pony, we actually got there at the perfect time, there was no line, and she was the only rider, so she got to choose her pony, and everything. She lookds like such a big girl in these pictures.

Emma had a lot of fun with the whole Lavender Days event, even though it was super duper hot!!! She also got to go through a little petting zoo, and go down a big blow up slide. On our walk back out to the car she fell asleep in her stroller, we really wore her out.

More from our trip to Washington

As you can see we had a lot of fun, We went to the zoo, played at Aunt Andrea's house and went to kids club with cousins Emily, Jake, and Lizzie. Emma had so much fun, and it was hard to go home and get back to real life. We really enjoyed being in cooler weather.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Multnomah Falls

We took a little drive to Multnomah Falls while we were visiting Washington. Emma loved the waterfall, she still tells people about it. She had so much fun watching it, and walking the trail. We had a lot of fun watching her play and be amazed by the waterfall.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cheeto face

Emma decided that she wanted to steal daddy's cheeto's, obviously she enjoyed them

Trip to the beach

We went to the beach while we were in Washington, as you can see it wasn't warm and sunny like you expect the beach to be, but we still had a lot of fun.
Emma liked to pick up sand dollars, until she realized they had dirt on them, then she would not have anything to do with them.
Emma loved looking at the water and watching the birds.

Emma loves to help

Emma loves to help us cook. She likes to help stir, or pour in ingredients.
She decided she had to help Grandma cook taco soup, so before we added all the ingredients, we let her stir before it got hot.
I love this picture of her, she smiles like this all the time, it's just hard to always get it on camera.
She found some beans.
A little close up of her big beautiful eyes.