Monday, May 30, 2011

Penguin day at the aquarium

In January the Living Planet Aquarium had Penguin Day, which meant if you dressed in black and white, you got in free...the aquarium closed before Geoff got off of work, so I invited my cousin Katy to come along and help me with the kids.
Emma insisted on bringing her baby with us, and that I take the baby's picture.

Emma's ready to drive the boat Grandpa!

James loved all of the fish...he got excited at each exhibit

Emma had just learned about the Octopus at preschool, so she was pretty excited to see one up close...she kept telling me that they had 8 tentacles(not legs).

James was super excited to put his hands in the water to feel the fish...Emma was not about to feel anything!

The kids got to see how they measured up to different types of penguins...they thought that was pretty cool.

This has nothing to do with the aquarium, just some funny pictures I found...they like to do each others hair...mostly James' hair. James sprays himself with the squirt bottle and Emma combs.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who likes Cake?

I was asked to make a cake for my cousin's little girls birthday. Emma of course thinks she should help, so I made her a few little heart shaped cakes of her own...she had a blast helping me.

She believes you can never have too much frosting or sprinkles, the more the better!

She has really wanted to try out my piping bags. I made a big batch of frosting and let her pick a few colors to use.

The finished product...she used all of my leftovers for the cake that I did.

A little pose with her beautiful creations

and a pose with my creation

This is my final product...I was pretty proud of it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Christmas(i know, super late!)

Our Christmas was pretty fantastic. We made a couple of gingerbread things with some friends...they had a hard time on the car ride home...the kids still loved them.
This isn't in order, after Christmas we went up to Hardware Ranch in Logan. The kids had a blast going out into the elk reserve. They thought it was great to take the sleigh ride too. We had to wait a long time, but once it was our turn they forgot they were cold.

Emma got a box of dress ups for Christmas, she was so excited to get them.

James got a bunch of Thomas trains...he still tries to carry them all around at once. He also got this bomber jacket, he looks so handsome in it.

Emma really wanted a Doll house for Christmas...I thought that would be a great gift...little did I know, doll houses are not cheap! After a little looking, Santa's elves found an old one that could be refurbished. it was a lot of work, but she loved it.

James wasn't super happy on Christmas morning, until he got some crackers, as long as he had some in his hands, or close by, it was happy. Funny kid!

Sorry that I am so far behind, we have been really busy recently, but I will try to get some pics edited and up soon.