Saturday, March 28, 2009

Valentine's Day

yes, it's way past Valentine's Day, but I'm finally catching up, or at least i'm attempting to. For just about every holiday we make sugar cookies and decorate them. Emma loves to help a lot in the kitchen, and truthfully anywhere else, She loves to put sprinkles on the cookies, she thinks that's the best part. She also helped me make Valentine's to go out to friends and family...but we didn't get them finished, so they didn't go out. (sorry everyone)

We don't do to much at our house for Valentine's, but Geoff knew how much I needed to get out of the house, so we left both kids with my parents in the morning and went to Kneader's for french toast (one of my favs). That night he took me to IHOP (I love breakfast food, especially their pancakes), and then we went to go buy our tickets for He's just not that into you, only to find out that it had sold out quite quickly...I really wanted to see this movie, so Geoff graciously agreed to go to the late movie, he really would have rather gone home, but he was being his usual wonderful self. I have a great husband.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 month old pics

Here are the 3 month pictures we had of James...unfortunately, we can not always go to the photographer that we would like to (we are working on developing our own money tree), so we went to JCPenny to have these done.
James is such a happy baby, he loves to smile and laugh, and is doing it all the time. He loves it when his sister plays with him.

It looks like he has already learned to out girls!

We can already tell that he is going to be our mischevious one, I'm going to have to keep my eye on him all the time.

We feel pretty blessed to have him in our lives. He is such a sweet baby, and he brings us a lot of joy.

I'm not real fond of the way the pictures of him in his blessing suit turned out, so we will be having our own little photo shoot this weekend to do some better ones. Keep looking for those pictures to come.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The rest of January

I am finally getting caught up. This is the end of January. For those who are wondering about the past few weeks...well...they've been rough. Emma got a terrible stomach bug, after a few days of barely eating of drinking, she ended up needing to be put in hospital on IV fluids for a few hours, we expected her to be there overnight, but thankfully, she responded really well, and perked right up. We are very grateful that it is over. James is recovering from is RSV well, he also has an ear infection, but he is a strong kid.
I went in to check on Emma one evening after she had gone to bed, she wasn't in her bed...I couldn't find her, I was walking out of her room, to see if she had found her way to the office, or bathroom, and then I saw her, in a pile of books, sound asleep. She loves to read, and apparently hadn't gotten in enough reading time during the day.

Emma had fun swinging in a bag Geoff had gotten from a seminar, the handle ended up breaking off, but she had so much fun swinging

After the Draper Temple open house we went to Johnny Carrina's for dinner, Emma loved her pizza. We weren't able to get pictures of her at the temple, it was rainy and cold, so hopefully we can drive up there one of these days and take some pictures. Emma was so good in the temple, she was talking about going and getting married there, and that we say prayers in the temple, she also told us that she was going to see Jesus there. We are so happy that she is already setting goals for the temple.

Emma loves to wear Geoff's hats, she wears them around the house, and likes to take them in the car.

Emma and James are such great friends already. Emma loves to take care of him, and James is always happy to see her. He likes it when she snuggles him. I love walking into the room and seeing Emma and James laying next to each other, smiling and giggling.

Geoff and I took a little trip to Vegas for a seminar. We left Emma at home, but James is still too young to be away from me yet, so he came along with us. Geoff spent most of each day in seminars, I was a little bit nervous to travel around Vegas myself, but I made it to a few places on my own. I did a little shopping at the outlets, but mostly spent my time in the big king sized bed in our room at the Stratosphere watching movies and sleeping. Some of you may say that this sounds boring for a trip to Vegas, but for me, it was wonderful. It was the escape that I needed, and I'm hoping to get another one some time in the future, especially after the last few weeks.

One of the perks of staying at the Stratosphere was that we got unlimited use of the elevator up to the top. We were only able to go up once, and we didn't go outside, it was a little chilly, and we didn't want James to get too cold.