Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching up

I absolutely love these pictures of James, he has such an adorable smile. He is such a happy baby. In the past month James has started crawling and pulling himself up to furniture, he's starting to walk around the furniture too. He likes to eat now (thank heavens!), he is constantly eating, although it doesn't seem to be helping him grow like we would like him to. Now we just need to get him to sleep through the night...any suggestions?

I like this picture, I think it looks like he is about to attack the food, which is what he likes to do. He has been able to keep the mess down to just his face now.

I decided to curl Emma's hair one afternoon while she was watching a movie and this is the result. It's amazing how well it curls, and holds the curl too.

Since I have started making cakes, Emma has noticed, and she likes to help. If I have any leftover batter I turn it into cupcakes that she gets to decorate (and of course eat). She loves to help decorate, especially with sprinkles, lots and lots of sprinkles.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer University and Sumo wrestling

As many of you know my mom works for UVU, every year they have something called summer university, and at the end there is an employee party for the families. This year they did it outside in the courtyard. We had a lot of fun. They had these canoes that you could take out in the pond, Emma had fun doing this, she really wanted to row herself, I had to help her out a little bit. She thought this was great.
Along with the canoes, they had cookie decorating, coloring, a fish pond, and an animal show. Emma loved the animal show. She touched several different animals, she got to touch a hedgehog that was relaxed and one that wasn't. The one that wasn't was curled up in a ball, and had it's little prickly things sticking up. I was especially proud of her for touching this one, it passed by a bunch of boys between the ages of 8 and 10 before it got to her, none of them would touch, they were all scared, so I thought for sure she wouldn't, when it got to her, I asked her if she wanted to touch it, and she nodded and put her hand out. Just as she touched it the hedgehog jumped a little, so it scared her, and she didn't want to touch it again. She also touched a very colorful bird, and some type of lizard (I don't remember the names of the animals). The animal show was perfect for the party.

James and Emma got some new sunglasses before we went over, and surprisingly, James doesn't mind wearing them. Isn't he cute in his new shades.
And now the pictures you've all been waiting for...

While Emma and I were enjoying the animal show Geoff came up to me and said he wanted to try the sumo suits, I told him to go ahead, what I didn't understand was that he wanted me to do it with him, not exactly my thing. I agreed, knowing that there wasn't really anybody else for him to do it with. So here we are getting dressed in the suits. Geoff had and easy time putting his on, but mine was a bit more difficult.

My Dad had to hold it up and I tried to climb in, but because I'm so short it wasn't exactly easy.
Here we are before the whole event, I could hardly move, let alone pose.
Geoff had promised that he would take it easy on me, and he did at first.
He let me take a couple of shots at him, and then...
He attacked! He knocked me over, and then proceeded to jump on me, as you can see, if you look closely, it didn't feel nice.
I couldn't get myself up because the suit was too heavy, to Geoff and my Dad pulled me out. This was a fun experience, but not one I am ready to repeat, after we left the party I started to hurt, and for days I felt like I had been in a car accident. We had fun though.

Monday, June 15, 2009

a paddle ball and some books

Geoff and I took some time one afternoon to have a picnic with Emma in the backyard. After we had finished eating, Geoff handed her a paddle ball after a brief demonstration, and Emma tried to do it herself. It was funny to watch her try to get it going, she kept hitting herself with the ball, but she was very determined to do it.

Emma loves to read, and when she wants to read a lot she will stack all the books in her wheelbarrel and take them where she wants to go. This way she does not have to go back and forth getting more books.
I was folding clothes one day, and I noticed that she had gotten really really quiet, which always makes me a little nervous. I went to go see what she was up to, and she was buried in a pile of books. She had taken every book in the living room, and some that were in her room, out of their bins, and started reading, she had read all of her books. She is actually pretty good at remembering the story, and every once in awhile she will read to us. She is such a smart little girl.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kicking my Butt!!!

I recently did a bio-meridian test, don't ask, because I really don't understand what it is. But I did this test mainly because this guy is trying to get Geoff to sign up with him, and I was the sample person to try. Before we started we mentioned that I have been having lots of dizzy spells, and haven't been feeling all that great for the past few months. So I had to hold these little metal things and it analyzed my body. The test showed that I have a gluten sensitivity, and so now I get to eat only gluten free foods for 5 weeks. I'm almost done with my second week, and can I tell you it is kicking my butt! All I can think about is yummy cake, donuts, bread, pasta, and everything else that contains gluten. Gluten tastes good, and I miss it. So for all of you out there that get to enjoy a normal gluten diet, be thankful...cause this might kill me!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Precious Little Guy

I am finally posting these, after finally taking them...this almost 4 months after his blessing, and yes, is little suit is still too big! James is doing very well for being so little. He started crawling this week, and he his pulling himself up to the furniture and walking across it. He wants to be into everything, and he would eat all day long if I let him. He's a very happy baby for the most part, although sometimes we think he might love mommy just a little too much.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

just a few more cakes

The pink and brown cake was for Geoff's mom's birthday, she was here to visit, so I thought it would be nice if she had a cake. The flower one was for another Relief Society dinner, unfortunately it wasn't what I wanted it to be, I had a small accident (sumo wrestling, pictures coming soon), and I wasn't able to knead fondant, so I had to do buttercream, I definetely haven't mastered that art yet. You can click on the picture to see them bigger.

I am really proud of these 2 cakes the graduation one was for my cousin Katie, and the garden themed one was my first paying cake, I was really excited about being paid for it, maybe I can slowly start a business. I had so much fun making these cakes, it was a little stressful, the garden cake had to be done on Thursday, and the graduation cake on Friday, so I was running around a lot! Thanks to my wonderful husband for helping knead fondant, and watching the kids a lot so I could get them done. He is so supportive of this it's wonderful. Hope you all like these, please leave me comments, I would love some feedback.
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