Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swimming time

We took the kids to the new pool in Lindon a few weeks ago, they had so much fun. This was the first time James went swimming, we weren't really sure if he would like it since he has always hated bath time, we wish we would have taken him earlier, because he loved it, and now he loves bathtime.
They had so much fun playing with these little fountains.

Emma did get a little nervous about the water after Geoff took her down the waterslide, she really didn't like that. She doesn't like people to splash her in the face (wonder where she got that from), but after awhile she warmed up to the water again and was having fun in no time. She will tell you that she doesn't want to go down the water slide again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steel Days and the 24th of July

For those of you that aren't familiar with Utah, every summer just about every city in Utah has it's own celebration days, Steel Days is for American Fork, where I grew up. They have a parade, we did not go to that one this year, but they also have a carnival. Emma loves the carnival and all the rides. Here she is on the little caterpillar roller coaster...she liked it before it started, but once it started moving she was not happy about it. I think she was probably just a little too small for it still, she probably needed somebody sitting next to her because it jerked her around. I tried to do it with her, but they wouldn't let me.
This is at the Lund family party. We had a big lunch and played games. When that was all over we all went back to our house and made smores in the fire pit. My uncle made homemade ice cream with my grandpa's old ice cream maker, we used to have it all the time when I was little, he made the same recipe my grandpa always made, which was the best. Hopefully the ice cream is something we will do every year.
This is Emma at the carnival again...she just loves to drive
Obviously this picture was taken before the ride started moving.
James was pretty tired at the carnival, my Dad found a bench and sat down with him so he would fall asleep.
James at the family party...he was having a good time
This is Emma and some of my cousins kids eating homemade ice cream at the party...they all really liked it.
after all the food we did fireworks, Emma loves watching the fireworks

James wasn't so sure about the fireworks at first.

as you can tell Emma really enjoyed her smores and ice cream at the party.
This was sunday dinner the next day...James' first time with mashed potatoes, he really really like them.

Emma was very excited to have corn on the cob.
Geoff and I bought a few fireworks for us to do with the kids for Sunday night.
Emma liked doing sparklers, but she was still a little bit nervous about getting burned.
Emma and James watching the fireworks

He likes them now!
Emma decided she was done, so Geoff and James did some sparklers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Emma's birthday, chuckee cheese and a camping trip

We took the kids to our ward campout up at Mutual Dell, they had a fun time sleeping in the tent. Emma especially thought it was great, and surprisingly went to sleep very quickly.

She loves the idea of her sleeping bag

For Emma's birthday we took her to chuckee cheese. she had a great time, but was a little nervous around the big mouse.

Helping me play skee ball

Since we had to leave for the office early in the morning we took a couple of presents with us for her to open. She thought it was great to get presents.

Here she is showing us that she's 3.

Geoff was trying to show her how to do 3, it's a little hard, but she's figured it out.