Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More singing from Emma

So we've told you a million times that Emma loves singing. She is getting better and better at it. Today she got out a stool, and her microphone and started singing to her hearts content. Here is a little bit of what she was doing. I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.

More of James and Emma

We are having so much fun with James and Emma. Emma loves being a big sister, she is always very concerned about James, she always wants to change his diaper and give him the lion that she bought him. James is a great baby, he sleeps pretty good. He wakes up at night, but goes right back to bed once he has eaten, it's nice that we get to still get a decent night sleep.
This picture of Emma by herself is of her playing Spiderman, we have no idea how she knows about spider man, or how she came up with playing spiderman, but in the past few days she has started doing it. she stands on a step stool, jumps off and into the couch, and then crawls on the flooring saying that she's spiderman, we get quite the kick out of it.

Geoff is such a great dad, he is so helpful with both kids, and he takes great care of me. Unfortunately, he needs to also make money, so he is going back to work (both jobs) tomorrow, we will be fine on our own, we will just miss not having our Daddy around all the time.

We took these pictures right before we left the hospital, his little jacket is a newborn, but it looks so huge on him, I kind of think he looks like a gangsta!

As I said before, Emma loves taking care of her little brother, today she wanted to hold him a lot. She does a pretty good job when she holds him. She was pretending to take his nose, and then she decided to count his fingers, Geoff and I got a kick out of watching her do this. She really likes to count.

She also loves to give him hugs and kisses, she always asks if she can before she does it, which is really nice, we can make sure that she doesn't maul him!

On Sunday we got to come home from the hospital(I wouldn't have minded staying a little longer). Emma was so excited to see us and have her little brother home. She sat on Grandpa's lap with James and read him stories, she has a couple of interactive books that she tried to get him to participate in.

We want to thank everyone that has come to see us, and is helping to take care of us right now. We appreciate everyone's support and love. Thanks to all our family and friends that do so much for us.

catch up

Here are some pictures from before James was born, I got a little behind and decided it was time to get everything caught up before I kept posting more. This group of pictures include pictures of Emma attempting a summersault, she hasn't gotten all the way over on her own yet, but she sure is trying. It also has pictures of Emma from the first time I straightened her hair, she looks so grown up. I also had a baby shower before James was born, of course I forgot to take pictures until everyone had left, but I did get a picture of the diaper cake that my wonderful friend Nicole made for me. Thanks to Christa and Nicole for throwing the shower, it was so much fun to get together and visit.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Geoffrey James Moultrie

Geoffrey James Moultrie has arrived. He was born at 12:57 pm, Oct. 24th. We are so excited to welcome him into the world. He weighed in at 6 pounds 10 oz, 19 inches long. He is the exact same size as Emma!!! He is doing really well, and so is Mandy. This labor was much easier, only about 3 1/2 hours this time.
Emma loves her new baby brother and was so excited to see him. She picked out a lion to give to him, and enjoyed giving it to him...she didn't quite understand that he really can't play with it yet. We really enjoyed watching her with him. She pointed out that he has eyes, cheeks, a nose, and yes even a head.

He is quite the mellow baby. Although he did not like his bath much. He got to hang out with daddy for awhile in the nursery while mommy was resting. He did give us a little scare during delivery, his heart rate dropped quite a bit, the nurse and dr. were running around the room and trying different things to get his heart rate up. They finally put something in my IV and that seemed to do the trick, but I was really nervous for a few minutes. Thank heavens everything was alright.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Hair Cut

Emma just had her first hair cut a few weeks ago. She wasn't really sure about what was going on, a little nervous, but now she talks about how we go to Aunt Anita's house to get our hair cut, and keeps asking to go again. Since her hair has been cut it has gotten a lot easier to do, less tangles. She doesn't cry so much when I do her hair, it's really nice!!! Thanks to Aunt Anita for doing such a great job.

Little Mommy

We have a little mommy in our midst. On Sunday she decided that she needed to feed her baby some yogurt... as you can see from the baby, she did a good job feeding her.
She is so loving to her dolls. She tucks them into bed, sings them bedtime songs, reads to them, feeds them, snuggles them and even changes their diapers. Obviously she is very ready to be a big sister. For those who haven't heard yet, she will be a big sister tomorrow(friday the 24th). I finally get to be induced.

Emma has been doing so many things recently, she has advance to a toddler bed, which was much easier than we expected. She fell out the first night, but she has done great ever since. She likes to read the easy reader scriptures with Daddy before bedtime. She still loves to sing, and she is getting better and better everyday. She loves to snuggle with Mommy on the couch, recently she has seen me have some very terrible contractions, and she has heard Geoff reminding me to breath in the past, so now she will tell me to breath, and if she's not busy she will even come and hold my hand...it is so sweet. Geoff and I feel so blessed to have such a sweet little girl.