Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Little Graduate

Emma's preschool graduation was a lot of fun. They put on a whole program first, and then took an "intermission" to get their little caps on. It was so cute to see them all walk in with their caps on. She has made some great little friends.

Emma loves to sing out! After talking to Emma's teacher, Miss Wendi, we discovered that Emma has some little boys that REALLY like her..uh-oh! Brock, in the green shirt, talks about her at home constantly, and Jayden, directly behind her, sent her home with his phone number. She went and played at Jayden's house one day, she came home with a flower. Another boy, Aiden, brought her chocolate one day. I think we might be in a little bit of trouble!

We are so glad that we send Emma to this preschool, it has been a great thing for her. She has learned so much. She is starting to read a little and can do some simple math problems. I am in shock at how smart she is. She loved her teachers and friends from school. She cried the last day of school because she wanted to just stay and play with her friends and teacher all day. She was really disappointed that they won't be at her "big" school next year.

Race Day

After the Hobble Creek half last year I told everyone that I would never do another half marathon, but a few weeks after I decided I wanted to do another one. I knew I could do better than what I had done. I started doing some research and decided to sign up for the Thanksgiving Point half, I spoke with the coordinator several time to try to make sure that it would be more put together than Hobble Creek. It was a much better race. I wanted something that wouldn't be in the middle of the crazy Utah heat, and I thought something in spring would be nice. On the morning of the race I woke up at 5 am to find several inches of snow on the porch. I almost went back to bed! The race was cold at the beginning and I wore several layers to stay warm. the first 2 miles it was snowing pretty hard, and I kept thinking to myself that I must be crazy! once I hit mile 3 I started to warm up and started loosing all the layers. It turned out to be a nice day. I finished in 3 hours, not sure about the seconds. I wanted to take more off of my time for the first one, but Geoff and my good friends reminded me that this is actually a much tougher course because it is uphill, so I can't get a good comparison. I enjoyed this race, it was well organized, there were lots of supportive volunteers. Nicole and Curtis, and of course Geoff, came to support me at the end, it was good to have friends there. I have decided to keep up with this running thing. I am registered for the Brown Dirt Relay at the end of the month. I am hoping to register for the Halloween half too. Geoff and I did a very fun race together in June, and I will post some pictures of that later.

A perk of doing this race was that we got some wristbands to get us into all the fun things at Thanksgiving Point for free. We took the opportunity to take the kids to the dinosaur museum, they had a blast.

We even got to do some digging of our own.

Monday, July 11, 2011