Thursday, June 30, 2011

Easter fun

I am determined to get everything caught up soon, and since I have to edit pictures for Emma's birthday video, I figured I might as well post them at the same time. The kids had a fun easter.

I always forget that we really don't need to hide a million eggs, their baskets were full, but they had a great time finding them all. Emma actually started making us do hunts the rest of Easter Day and into the following week. We finally had to put everything away so she would stop making us look for eggs every hour.

After picking up a few eggs, James discovered that there was candy inside...he was pretty excited about it.

I was pretty excited for this book for James, he loves anything that has to do with cars and trains.

Emma loved decorating eggs...this is one that she drew a "human" on.

Once James saw Emma coloring on the eggs he had to get in on the action too...his were all little scribbles, but he thought it was great.

James had a hard time understanding that we couldn't just throw the egg into the color...we had a few broken eggs, oh well.

Another creation with mommy's help.

Emma was so excited to decorate eggs, she loves everything that has anything to do with art, she is constantly telling us that she's an artist.

It wouldn't be a family activity without James playing with cars :)

this has nothing to do with Easter, it is a cake I made for a sweet 16 birthday party. I was pretty excited about how it turned out.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Midway Ice Castles

We didn't get to do a lot of winter activities this year, just because of a lack of time. But this was one I really wanted to do, we woke up on Saturday morning and decided that we would take a little road trip to Midway for some winter fun, and I'm so glad we did. We had a blast walking around the whole thing.

Emma is starting to enjoy taking pictures herself, I think she's doing a pretty good job for a 4 year old.

Here she is taking a picture

She started to get pretty silly while we were taking pictures.

James thought it was great to just run around and play.

Emma and her silly poses, there were so many, I had a hard time trying to decide what ones to post.

James must have spotted a plane or something. Notice how big his gloves are? we couldn't find any gloves for him this year, but when Grandma and Grandpa Moultrie came to visit they found these...they'll fit him for years!(thanks Grandma and Grandpa, James' hands stayed warm the whole time)

I love this picture.

This is coming out of one of the tunnels that was built...the kids thought the tunnels were pretty awesome. We picked a good day to go, on warmer days they would close the tunnels due to melting, luckily they weren't closed.

As you can see we had a blast. Hopefully this will go on every year, I think it should be a family tradition. The kids had a blast, and Geoff and I were amazed at how this guy built this...he lived a few blocks from us a few years ago and he had a small one in his yard, but this one is crazy. After the Ice Castles we made a stop at Dairy Keen(the train restaurant) for some yummy food.