Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day to Remember...

I had the very rare, and amazing experience to go meet the entire First Presidency at UVU's graduation. It was an awesome opportunity!
Here is my mom and I with President Monson. He was very sweet to us, he told jokes while meeting many of the people, and mentioned while we were taking this picture, that we make him feel like a giant! We also got to meet Sister Monson, she was very quiet and sweet, what an amazing woman.
President Uchtdorf also talked to us for a moment before we took a picture with him, he was very happy to be there, and seems like an amazingly happy person. I don't remember meeting Sister Uchtdorf, I don't think we did.

President Monson telling jokes.

I was not able to pose with President Eyring for a picture, some other ladies kept butting in to continue talking to him, he was very popular, probably because he was the first one to arrive, so everyone swarmed him. Sister Eyring was very sweet and shook everyone's hands. They seemed like such a great couple as they greeted people together.

This is a picture of Mom and I waiting for everyone to arrive.

Monday, May 18, 2009


We had a great Easter with the kids. Emma had so much fun finding her eggs, and James enjoyed his new teething ring.
After church we took the opportunity to take some pictures outside with the kids in their Easter clothes. It was such a nice day. Emma loved being outside, she kept picking the flowers and smelling them.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A whole lot of Emma

Emma was so excited for the Easter Bunny to come this year. We decorated eggs for Family Home Evening one night, she had a blast, and made a big mess! The saturday before Easter we decided to have an easter egg hunt for some family and friends, only a few people were able to come, so the kids got like 35 eggs each. These are a few pictures of Emma enjoying the hunt. Her basket got too heavy for her, so she finally just sat it on the grass, and would go run and find an egg or two and bring them back to the basket.

Here are some pictures of Emma coloring her easter eggs, she thought it was great.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Whole Lot of James

I decided to have a little photo shoot one day when he was being extra cute and happy, as you can see by these pictures, he is a pretty happy baby. He was about 5 months old when these were taken.

James loves to sit on the floor and play, especially with the books he can chew on, he loves to put everything in his mouth.

He loved his Johnny Jump Up so much that I wanted to try out a jumperoo, I found this one on for a reasonable price. He likes it most of the time. it lights up and makes music when he jumps. He jumps so hard on it sometimes that it hits the poles and makes a banging noise that scares him a little bit. I'm glad we got this.

We have desperately been trying to get James to eat baby food, ever since he got RSV he hasn't been too interested. I decided one night that maybe he just wanted to do it himself, he is a little bit independent at times. So gave him some peas and let him have at it. I don't think he actually put any of it in his mouth, but he had a great time making a mess!

James is doing so good, he scared us a little last week though. The doctor told us there was a possibility that he has cystic fibrosis; I, of course, freaked out and we went straight to primary childrens the next day for the test. He wasn't too fond of the test, but about 5 hours after it was done we found out the test was negative, we are so grateful. I did take him back to the doctor this week, and he has finally gained weight, a whole 7 ounces, he started eating biter biscuits, yogurt melts and refried beans.