Sunday, April 29, 2012

snow time

Emma loves playing in the snow
James trying to throw snowballs
Our view from the front yard
James wasn't quite so sure about the snow at first, but then he started to have a blast.
Emma loves to make snow angels

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Christmas 2011T

Emma had a little Christmas concert at school before school got out. She was so excited to have everyone come.
James had a little Christmas even at his school too. Mrs. Claus read the kids books as one of the activities
Emma loves Hello Kitty. She was excited that Santa brought her a hello kitty notebook in her stocking.
I (Mandy) got a nerf gun for Christmas, so I could defend myself against Geoff. We had a fun gun fight after we were done opening the presents.
James got help from Grandpa
James got a train table from santa, he was so excited to get it.
Emma got a vanity for Christmas, and she is now open for business! she loves to do everyone's hair and makeup. If you feel the need for a make over, she is always look for more clients.
We also got some musical instruments
The kids in their Christmas clothes.
We made Candy bar trains with our friend Benjamin before much better than a gingerbread house. The kids had a blast!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun in November

I am slowly catching up!
James and I take a mom and me toddler class. We go once a week and make a craft, cook something, read a story, and do some sort of activity. This is what we made one of the days.
James decided that he needed his dinner to look like a face, so this is what we did.
The class before Thanksgiving we made Apple pie. He was pretty good at putting it all together.

This was the end result of the face he wanted.
Playing in the leaves. The kids had a blast playing in this pile of leaves. They play so well together, it's so nice that they are such best friends.

Talking to Santa. I don't know what we are going to do next Christmas, our Santa is out serving a mission right now, and since he is the real Santa, it's going to be rough to replace him.

I am slowly getting this blog caught up. Give me a few more weeks and hopefully we will be up to date.