Sunday, July 11, 2010

Having fun

I'll apologize now for such a long post, but I am way behind and want to get caught up quick. All of these pictures are from May. The one on top is from Memorial Day, we took the kids to a local park and had a picnic. Emma wanted to fly her kite...she loves doing it and even let James have a turn.
The Saturday before Memorial Day we went to Lagoon. The kids had a blast. It wasn't very busy because it was a little chilly, so the kids got to ride all the rides a bunch of times. James would get excited when he saw another ride and would point to the one he wanted to go on next.
This was at the Bee's game. After the game the kids got to run the bases and then get their picture taken with the bee.
More fun at the park

One of my all time favorite rides growing up was the tilt-a-whirl. There would be a carnival every year and my Grandma Lund would take me on the tilt-a-whirl. It was fun to do that with my Grandma. I wasn't sure Emma would like it, but she loved it. Our cart was spinning like crazy and she was just laughing the whole time.
James loved bulgy! When he see's pictures of Bulgy he gets all excited and starts jabbering and pointing. He had so much fun.
My two favorite boys

We all took the train ride together. The kids loved the train, there are some animals on the ride that they got to see. They thought it was pretty cool.
While at Lagoon we discovered that Emma is a little daredevil. She wanted to go on all the rides. This one is like the rocket, for those of you that are familiar, just a mini version. She laughed the whole time. It was fun to watch her. She wanted to go on all the big roller coasters too, but she's not tall enough, she was kind of disappointed about that.

They thought it was pretty cool to drive the cars.

We went swimming one evening. The kids had a blast, although they are a little bit nervous about the water. (they get that from mom)

James was getting pretty tired.

This is at Emma's preschool program. They each got to make a fun hat.

We took a little road trip to Vegas to see Geoff's cousin and her family. It was a fun, but very short trip. This is right as we were getting ready to leave.

Emma started getting pretty bored within about 10 minutes of the trip.

Emma loved her cousin Brienne. She had fun playing with her.
She thought it was pretty fun to blow on her tummy, and Brienne kind of liked it too.

Chris' parents have a tortoise that made it's home in their backyard, all the kids got to feed it. Emma thought it was pretty awesome.

We tried to take the kids swimming while we were in Vegas, but the water in the pool was ice cold, so we let them put their feet in the hot tub for a few minutes.
James loved the water.

Emma likes to try to take pictures of us. this is probably one of the best one's she's taken. usually she cuts off Geoff's head.
Going down the elevator to get in the pool, the kids were pretty excited.

Emma and I at the temple.
Another picture that Emma took. She's getting better
More fun at Lagoon
James loved the boats.

Family day at my mom's work is always fun. This year we all got our faces painted. James was really good about letting them paint his.
After Emma and James got their faces painted she decided everyone should. So we all got it done.

The last song at Emma's preschool program was a cute song, at the end of each phrase they would sing I love you, and she would point to me. It was so sweet.

Emma loves to sing, and she loves to have people watch her sing. It was fun to see her in the program.

This basically sums up the month of May. I'll try to get June up soon. We are so busy having fun I don't really have time to post everything.