Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disneyland Part 1

We love doing the character breakfast. This one was Minnie's breakfast. It's great to see some of the characters this way, and get some yummy food. This has been a favorite, although this year wasn't as great. I think because we were there for a holiday it was so busy they had to pack a lot more people in.
James thought that it was hilarious that Dale was messing up Emma's hair.
They were excited to see Tigger and get his autograph.
We werevery excited to see Minnie
Emma was super excited to see Captain Hook. He's usually a pretty fun character, and likes to play.
There's one with James' sweet smile!
Rafiki ended up being the hardest character to track down. But we finally got him. Emma was a little disgusted to see him pick his nose.

James was ready to go!