Monday, February 15, 2010

Christmas did come

We had a special visitor come to the office for all of our patients.
This is Emma and Addy...Emma loves to play with Addy

James would really like some more cookies, but he's had enough

Emma was so excited to get her own popcorn bowl in her stocking. She loves to watch movies and eat popcorn. Thanks Santa

She was also very excited for the chocolate...mommy has taught her well!

James really wasn't sure what to think about all this.

Emma kept asking for a pink "puter" and a game. She was very excited to get them.

James got pretty good at unwrapping, but by the end of it he just wanted to play with the toys.

Here's the game she got.

Grandma Moultrie picked out this Snow White set for Emma, as you can see she loves it.
Thanks Grandma.

This is what Grandma Moultrie picked out for James, he loves them.

Emma got pictures from the movie princess and the frog, along with movie tickets for the next day.

James is being funny chewing on his new frog towel

My family had tried to surprise me with a Pizzelle maker...I had forgot that I wanted one, and about a week before Christmas I remembered and brought it up...My mom said that it was too late. What I didn't know was that this was first present they bought me. What they didn't know was that their hiding place in an open closet wasn't the best place...although it was wrapped...I could tell what it was. I made 3 batches of pizzelle's on Christmas day... YUM!

We are oh so tired by this point

James got a fun toy from my parents...he loves playing with it

James, Emma and Grandpa playing with Lincoln Logs, I love James' face.

And Emma is out...

And blowing bubbles in her sleep