Monday, February 18, 2013

James turns 4

James turned 4 in October. He was so excited to have his first birthday party with friends. We kept it pretty low key. James loves the cartoon Octonauts, so of course that was the theme. We started with octopus hot dogs. They were a big hit!

I made him a Captain Barnacles cake
We had just a few kids from our neighborhood and some friends over. They played pin the patch on Kwazzi, and we had a fish pond. Then we opened presents. James was so happy about the whole thing.
All of the kids loved their patches.
James was so excited about his cake.

If you notice the bandage on his finger...James actually had a rough day on his birthday.
He shut his finger(same finger as before) in a door at a friends house. It wasn't broken this time, but he ended up losing his fingernail. He spent most of his day between the doctors office and the hospital getting it all taken care of. Poor kid. There are random pics of his sad finger thoughout the post.
 I love when he makes this face...he was so excited about this train.
This was a couple of days after his little accident. Before his nail came off.

He was so excited about his thomas pillow pet.

If you can't tell, we all love this sweet little boy.