Friday, July 24, 2009

The Man in the Moon

My dad was saying this to James one night and Emma just picked it up by listening to him.

In case you can't tell what she is saying:

The Man in the Moon sailed the sky

he was the most courageous skipper

But he made a mistake and tried to take

a drink of milk from the dipper

The Big bear growled

and the little bear howled

and scared him so he spilled it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Emma's 3rd Birthday

This is after all the party, Emma wanted to blow bubbles outside, so all the kids went out, I like this picture because in the background you can see Emma, she just popped a bubble

I make a video every year of the past year, this is the kids watching the video and eating their cake and ice cream.

Emma blowing out her birthday candles
Still trying to blow out her birthday candles

She was so excited when everyone started singing happy birthday, it was cute to see the look on her face.
Emma opening presents.

She got a Tinkerbell purse full of change (she loves money), she uses the change to take to the movies to buy snacks.
She had a princess party, each child got to make a crown, here is Emma working on hers.

Emma' castle cake
for months she has been telling me that she wanted a castle cake, and everytime I made a cake for someone she was very hopeful that it was for her, so she was very excited when it was finally her turn. I spent about 6 hours on Saturday putting this together, and that was just putting it together, I had already made the cakes and and fondant. It was all worth the time when I got to see how excited she was. Thanks to Geoff for helping me at the end, and for helping come up with new ideas when the original didn't work.

Emma had so much fun at her party, she got lots of presents, and enjoyed having her friends come celebrate with her. Thanks to all those who came.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More catch up...

James loves to eat, he actually eats 6 jars of baby food a day, with rice cereal mixed in, plus he still nurses. He's a big eater just like his daddy. The funniest thing about his eating habits is that he has to cover his ears while he takes bites, we finally got a couple pictures of him doing it. We're not sure what it's all about, but he always covers his ears.

Ever since Emma turned 3 she has been telling me that she is big and strong, which means she needs to help with everything, mostly stuff with James. She has been asking to help feed him so I finally let her, it didn't last long, she was too slow for James, you have to keep it coming for him.

My Dad's ankle has been bugging him a lot again, so he ices it pretty regularly, Emma has caught on to this, and now she likes to ice her foot as well, so she has one of my little icepacks on her foot.
On the morning of the 4th my mom picked raspberries for 2 1/2 hours so that she could make some jam. While we were straightening up Emma was being sneaky (or what she thought was sneaky), and she was getting into the raspberries. We pretended like we didn't see her cause she was being so funny about it. she loves raspberries, and tells us that she wants to eat them forever, too bad the plants will stop producing in the next couple of weeks.

Here are my 2 handsome guys on the 4th

Emma is getting ready to watch the fireworks, this is before the sprinklers went off (thanks mom), and she was still happy.
she has quite the messy face, we had a bbq with some family and a fire, she had just finished eathing a smore.
Emma came out of her room one morning looking like this, she had gone to bed with some shorts on, but decided to get herself dressed, and she wanted to wear this dress.

When I put Emma down for a nap I usually put James in the jumperoo so he doesn't get into everything, he was apparently tired too.

Like I said before, James gets into everything!
Look at that smile, isn't he adorable?

Monday, July 13, 2009

My cakes in June

I made 2 cakes in June, this one was a bubble cake for a 3 year olds birthday.

This is the cake for the RS birthday dinner, this was my first time a buttercream flowers, I wanted to do a few more, but Emma had sucked all the frosting out of the tips I was using, and I didn't have time to wash them and get them going again, so this is what I got.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alot of catching up

Emma got this fun new treehouse from grandma, she loves playing in it.
James isn't so sure about the grass yet, but he still sits there just trying to figure it out.

This is how James sits in his high chair, he is such a funny kid. we have to reach under and pull his feet down every time so that he is actually sitting.

The doctor is in.
James did this himself.

We went to the Lehi parade, the best parade. Emma had so much fun and caught lots of candy

Emma is a little helper, here she is helping grandma with the dishes, one of her favorite things.

James is a little magician, notice his foot. He manages to do this with most of his pajamas.

June has been a really busy month for us. Lots of stuff has been happening, James learned how to crawl and had another ear infection (I think tubes might be on the way), he also is starting to walk around with the use of a step stool, he pushes it around the kitchen...little stinker! Emma is going to Scera's summer matinee movies, which she loves, she gets a popcorn and a drink, and she insists on paying for it with her own money each week. She's such a funny girl, but she is also a very good girl. July is turning out to be busy too, we love the summer.