Thursday, January 21, 2010

catching up...we're almost there

Emma loves to create her own little masterpieces, she had a lot of fun putting this gingerbread house together.

Here are some more pictures after her dance concert, she is quite the little poser.

Here she is "warming up" before her performance

I always joke that we don't need a dog because we have James, and here's the proof, he eats shoes.

James really like helping with the decorations, he mostly like throwing them.

Emma loved decorating the tree, she was constantly rearranging the ornaments once we were done so that she could keep decorating.

The kids loved Santa, James wasn't so sure about him at first, but once he saw Emma with him, he was great about it.

Emma was so excited to see Santa, she jumped right on his lap and told him that she had been a good girl and that she wanted a pink computer and a game.

This is the Christmas countdown that I made for Emma, she absolutely loved it. There was a hershey kiss inside each one.
The kids have had a great few months as you can see. They loved Christmas and everything about it. Emma is starting preschool in a couple of weeks, she is so excited, her teacher will be Miss Megan. James is growing like crazy, and he loves getting into things and getting into trouble. He likes to climb on everything.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A whole bunch of pictures

This is at Emma's first dance recital, she is next to the teacher in pink.

Here she is again, she's such a little dancer

Here is a picture of Emma's eye as it was healing, it's starting to look better at this point believe it or not.

My handsome little guy in his new Christmas suit.

Sweet Emma in her Christmas dress

They love to eat together like this, but James usually ends up falling out of his chair, so they don't do it much.

James loves to help sweep and mop, he really just likes to push things.

More of Emma at her dance recital.
I have even more that I will get up at a later date.

James's first haircut...he wasn't too thrilled about it as you can see.

This was before all the cutting started, he had no idea what kind of torture we were about to put him through.

Emma at the UVU basketball game.

James is watching the game.

James at Disney on Ice.

Emma at Disney on Ice with her yummy snow cone

James really likes to walk around with clothes on his head, he does it all the time.

Messy Boy!

James decided to "help" me clean out the fridge. He loves to be in the fridge.

After Emma's first real trip to the dentist she decided that she wanted to be a dentist. They gave her the stuff to do it, for days we played dentist.