Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family pictures

We had family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago, they turned out great! Thanks to Slagowski Photography for doing such a great job, and being so patient. If anyone wants their number let me know.

Friday, December 19, 2008

sleeping kids, gingerbread houses and a birthday

Sometimes it is really hard to get the kids to go to sleep, and sometimes they go to sleep when we really don't want them too.
Emma actually feel asleep in her high chair with mashed potatoes in her mouth! We had to shake her a couple of times so that she would finish the potatoes.
She ended up sleeping from about 6:30 until 7:30 the next morning, we really wore her out.

This is Emma's first gingerbread house. She placed almost all of the candy herself, she would just tell us where she wanted the frosting, and she did the rest.

James would like to get a little taste of the candy!
Here she is hard at work

Grandma finally got to hold little James. The day before her birthday I made a cake for her and all of her birthday visiters. We took it up, and of course Emma had some cake too.

Emma is really enjoying the cake

So this is the cake that I made, I've been trying to learn how to decorate cakes for awhile now, if it's not obvious, I used cupcakes and then frosted them with a decorative tip, it took me awhile, but I am quite proud of it. I made another one of these for our family Christmas party last night. Hopefully more opportunities will present themselves so I can keep working on this new hobby...we don't really eat cake in our house, so the cake would just go to wast normally.
Emma loves to lay down next to James and "snuggle" (smother) him.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Emma loves to take care of her baby brother. You may notice that she has no pants...we are attempting to potty train (not much success yet), we have found that it is easier to go without pants during the times we are potty training.
She always likes to make sure that he stays warm. Poor kid gets kind of smothered sometimes.

I was finally able to get pictures of them both smiling.

I love when he smiles, he does it a lot. He usually wakes up really happy in the morning and smiles when I go get him out of his swing. It's a great way to start the day.

Here he is flashing gang signs!
I think he is done with pictures for the day.

Friday, December 5, 2008

November fun

Here are some pictures of some of the fun things we did in November...we went to temple square to look at the lights, Emma had so much fun looking at them, she is constantly asking to see more lights.
On our way home Emma found a pen in the diaper bag, but apparently she couldn't find any paper, so she decided to improvise.

Here are some pictures from Temple square, Emma's cousins Gracie and Brigham came with us too, they had so much fun together. Unfortunately we didn't stay too long, it was so crowded that it was kind of overwhelming for the kids. We are hoping to go back on another night when it's not so crazy.

Emma and Brigham have so much fun playing together. It's cute to watch them interact.
It was hard to get them to all hold still and look at the camera at the same time, this was the best picture I could get.

Everyone is probably wondering where James is in this little family picture, it was a little chilly outside, so we left him all bundled up in his carseat.

Emma and Brigham had so much fun playing on the grass by the big Christmas tree, I tried to get them to hold still to take a picture, but there was no way that was going to happen.

It's hard to get comfortable in a carseat with a big puffy coat on.

Little James loves to lay on his tummy, as soon as he can roll over I know where he will be sleeping.

He is growing so fast, it is amazing to us how much he has changed. He is smiling a lot, and he can already roll from his stomach to his back. He is such a strong little baby.

Emma got to help grandma decorate the tree, this is picture of her lecturing Daddy that he can't touch the ornaments.

Emma's idea of decorating was clumping all of the ornaments together.

Here is James on Thanksgiving, unfortunately I didn't get any other pictures of the kids in their thanksgiving outfits, James had a blowout before I got a chance. Emma wore a cute purple dress that my mom bought her. Thanks Grandma!

This is Emma's first bun, doesn't she look all grown up
We got to go see Santa at the UVU Bookstore, Emma wasn't so sure about him, but she did tell him that she wanted a my little pony and a castle.

Here is little James holding his head up, showing off for the camera
He loves to watch the ceiling fan or the lights.