Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halloween 2009

I know that these pictures are way late and you've probably been wondering why I haven't posted in so long. I intended to get Halloween up quickly, but I will confess, we did not really take any pictures of Halloween. We had a family party, and we were busy doing games so I didn't really get any pictures, and them Emma was so excited to go trick or treating that I thought I would get pictures afterwards...that's where we had the problem. After about 20 minutes Emma tripped while she was running. We picked her up off the sidewalk and I started looking at her hands for scrapes but there weren't any. She was doing some major crying, and that's when Geoff pointed out her forehead...her pumpkin had gotten in the way and she fell head first on the sidewalk...she already had some major bruising and swelling, so we ran her back home to check her out more thoroughly...we iced her head for awhile, and after much begging we finally were able to take her back out. I forgot all about pictures. Emma's poor head took quite awhile to heal, and I was a little nervous for awhile that she had cracked her skull. She started with just a bruise where she hit the sidewalk, but then it slowly turned into a black eye, and then 2 black eyes. :(
Luckily one of my friends does a Halloween portrait studio every year, and we went to that the night before, I just got those pictures, and I think they turned out very cute. Little Miss Muffett and the spider that sat down beside her had a great Halloween, and Geoff and I enjoyed watching them have fun.
I do have a few pictures of Emma's head that I will post soon.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday James!

James turned 1 on October 24th. We had a great party for him, and I of course made him a cake. He has a toy train that he loves to play with, so I decided to do a train. I had a lot of fun putting it together.

James loved opening his presents, he got some great new toys, and some very cute clothes.

The crown didn't last too long.

He wasn't sure if he could eat his cake at first, but then he figured it out and he really enjoyed it, mostly the frosting.

And now he's had enough.

James is such a great kid, he is so happy all the time, and he loves to play with Emma. He is walking all over the place and loves to get into trouble. He tries to talk to us all the time, we have no idea what his jibber jabber means, but he even uses his hands, and his facial expressions make it seem that he's asking us questions.
Happy Birthday James!
We Love you