Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer is almost over

We have had quite the fun summer, although we didn't get to do everything we wanted, mostly because of time, we have still had so much fun. Emma is growing so quickly, and she is doing new things everyday. She loves to play with her babies, she is such a little mommy. She also loves playing with her kitchen and making us dinner. She is also excited for baby James to come. She gives him a hug and kiss every night, it is really sweet. She has started saying her own prayers, which is so sweet to us, we love listening to her prayer, she always says the same thing, but it is so sweet to hear.
Emma has also become quite the little singer. Someone goes into nursery every Sunday and does singing time, she always tells me how impressed she is with Emma, because she knows all the words and actions. She likes to sing with us, but every now and then she will just start singing by herself, sometimes it's a real song, and other times she's just singing some tune. She makes us laugh.
Our biggest event this summer has been the opening of Geoff's office, it took a lot longer than we expected, but we have been up and running for about a month now. He is starting to get busier each week, and hopefully things will continue that way. We are so happy that it is opened. I am working as the receptionist for now, but once the baby comes we are hoping to hire someone.
Geoff and I also took a little getaway to Park City this last weekend, it was nice to have one last little trip before the new one comes. The weather was great there, and we had fun spending time together, and of course, sleeping in! We are hoping to get a few more things in before summer ends, so keep checking up for all the fun things we are doing.

The Hogle Zoo

We were able to go to the zoo one evening with my dad's work party, they reserved the zoo in the evening, so it was much cooler, and there weren't very many people there. Emma loves the animals. She especially likes the elephants, giraffes, and monkeys. She played peek a boo with the smaller elephant, and had fun watching the giraffes.
We finally got her to sit alone with this gorilla, it made her a bit nervous at first.

She loved riding the zoo train, and the ladybug on the carousel. She loves rides, and still asks if we can go back to Disneyland, we really wish we could!

I love this picture of Emma on her Daddy's shoulders, she loves being up there.
Emma is trying to show me where the monkey is.

Emma The Hairstylist

Emma absolutely loves doing our hair when we let her. She uses the spray bottle, comb, and then even tries to put ties in our hair. I think she likes the spray bottle the most, we are usually soaked by the time she is done.

She has fun doing Daddy's hair and watching him play games.

When she combs our hair she usually just hits our heads with the comb, sometimes it really doesn't feel good. For some reason she also thought it would be great if Daddy got to wear her butterfly clips in his hair, he wouldn't keep them in long enough for me to get a picture.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More from July

Emma came with me to a local beauty school to get sparkle toes done, she was intrigued by what they were doing to mommy's toes, so later that day we painted her toes, she thought it was pretty cool. She says that mommy has sparkles, and Emma has paint.

Emma discovered bubble wrap and all the fun noises that it makes. I laid it out for her, and she would just run up and down it. She had so much fun with it.
We had our first try at curlers, her hair came out a little poofy, but it was fun to do. She also insisted that the orange butterfly go in her hair
Here's a picture after the curlers, and after I toned it down a little bit, it looks super cute, and hopefully we will be able to do it again soon.

Here's some pictures of her watching the fireworks, she loved them!!! She has gotten to see a lot of them because of different celebrations going on around our community, now she tells us that fireworks are over.

Here she is doing pop its, she thought those were a lot of fun.
She wasn't 100% sure about the sparklers, but she still had fun doing them

We had a family reunion on the 4th, this is before we left.

We got a fun rocket launcher for the party, all the kids loved it, Emma had fun launching rockets, she felt like one of the big kids.

Here is some video of Emma with the bubble wrap.