Monday, December 13, 2010

Trip to Cali Part 3: random

You are all probably getting very sick of Disneyland pictures, but we are almost done.
James thought it would be more helpful to help push the stroller then ride in it. I think by the end of the trip he just wanted to run around.

This was at Mickey's Halloween party. We had a lot of fun that night, even though the kids were asleep for the majority of if. We tried to keep them awake, but they were so worn out. We did lots of trick or treating and got lots of candy. It was fun to see all the characters out.

All ready to go trick or treating.

Nobody is home at White Rabbits house

As soon as James saw Mickey he went straight for a hug. I thought it was pretty sweet

Getting ready for another fun-filled day.

This is how we brought the kids back every evening...we felt like that too.
Watch out everyone, she is driving. It was a very bumpy ride.
James loved all the rides. It was so much fun to watch him get excited about every little thing

James at the end of the day
We saw Tiana a few times. Emma was so excited to see her. This is her friend Benjamin, he joined us for a few days. It was really fun to have some friends with us too.

It actually poured! The first couple of days were very wet...we all had to get ponchos to stay dry. Emma and James weren't very fond of their ponchos. We were very happy when the rain stopped and the sun came out to play.

James loves Cars, he was very excited to see Lightning and Mater.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip to Cali part 2: The character breakfast

Ihave been reminded by a few(my mom and sister), that I have not finished updating the California trip. (I have to say I think it's kind of funny they want to see it updated, they were with us). These pictures were at the character breakfast in Minnie's Kitchen. I wasn't sure it would be worth it since last time we went we didn't feel like the characters spent all that much time with us, but this time it was well worth it.
Captain Hook spent the most time at our table. Here he is with Emma, she got a kick out of him sitting down in Aunt Emily's chair and pretending to eat her food.
The whole fam with Minnie and Dale

James was intrigued with the characters
Tigger came and played peek-a-boo with the kids, they thought it was great. I wish I had a camera on the other side to show their faces because they were laughing so hard at him.
We did the limbo with Captain Hook, and yes...James took his food with him wherever we went. He ate like crazy at the breakfast. Poor kid had been sick the first part of the trip, I think he was finally feeling better.

Captain Hook getting Grandma and James with his hook.
More with Emma. She just loved having his attention.

The Fairy Godmother really liked James because when she came to see us he was cleaning up his spilled milk. She thought it was great to see him cleaning up(I like that he does that too). James wasn't quite sure what to think of her at first.

Emma was so excited to see all the characters and get their autographs. I was really hoping she would not notice the other kids with autograph books, but she did. She thought it was great to get them. She did tell me the other day that she needed more autograph's in her book because it still had blank pages...guess we'll just have to go back!
James liked to give them kisses on their noses.

Emma was so excited to see Cinderella at The Princess Fantasy Faire. She told me while we were in line that she really wanted to get her autograph. I will have more on the fantasy faire, trick or treating and all the other Disneyland fun another day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trip to Cali part 1: Sea World and La Jolla

When I say part 1 I mean I have TONS of pictures, so there will be a few parts. I thought I would start with the beginning of the trip. We got to LA on Saturday, and drove to San Diego...we got a free upgrade for a mini van...I was very excited(for those that know me well, right now, that's my dream car!). They let us pick whatever we wanted...we ended up picking a Chrysler Town and Country, it was very nice and it had all the was great to have...wish I could have kept it. We drove straight to Sea World. Hear are the kids with my parents. I love James in this picture...he makes some of the funniest faces in pictures...Geoff said this one looks like he's saying "i'm just hear for the food" which is true for the end of the trip.
They let us touch the star fish...but the kids really weren't interested in that...kind of freaked them out, plus the water was ice cold.
Emma, Grandma and Emily on the Abby Cadabby ride.
James loved the Abby Cadabby ride. He was laughing and having so much fun. He loves rides.

Getting ready for the Clyde and Seymore show.
Shamu...The kids thought Shamu was great. They each got a Shamu stuffed animal.

James was very interested in all the animals...he thought it was great to watch them swim and play.

We had a lot of fun at sea world. We were there for 2 days. It rained the whole time, but the kids loved the animal. We got to fead the seals and sea lions...Emma wasn't so sure about holding the dead fish to feed them, and a bird got one of her fish.

Our polar bear family. Emma wasn't so sure about being in the caves.

James clapping for the band playing at the restaurant. The kids thought it was great that they came to our table and played for us.

On Sunday we went to La Jolla and played on the beach. We hiked down to the La Jolla cave with the kids. The tide was coming in so we got a little wet. Emma was a little nervous about walking down into the dark tunnel, and she really didn't want to get wet. James really liked watching the water splash onto the rocks.
The whole family in the cave

Feeding the ducks at Sea World. Emma loves to feed the animals like this.

James on the Abby Cadabby ride...he was so fun to watch.

We walked out onto the jetty a little bit...they wouldn't let us go all the way out since the tide was coming in. The kids had fun watching the seals up close.
The is by the Point Loma Lighthouse. Emma's photography skills keep getting better.
As you can see Emma still likes to make silly faces...

James and Aunt Emily playing

Emma was so excited to see the characters from Sesame Street...James wasn't sure what to think about the whole thing at first, but he warmed up.

We had a lot of fun. The first part of our trip was a little rough because James got sick before we left and was sick the first couple days, and then Emma got it. But we managed to have a great time. More pictures will follow of our days in Disneyland.