Sunday, April 11, 2010

A lot of stuff going on

We have had such a crazy couple of months. I've been trying to take the time to get updated, but never found enough...this is actually condensed.
In March I ran my first 5k, and totally loved it. For those that don't know I am training for a half marathon(13.1 miles). I was a little unprepared, it was cold and rainy, and I'm not used to running in the cold. But I finished. I ended up walking about 1/4 mile so that my lungs could figure out how to work in the cold, but otherwise I ran the whole thing. This picture is at the end...I was struggling near the end, they ran out of water before I got there, and I desperately needed it. I ended up finishing at 40:34, I was pretty happy with that time, especially considering that I had to walk for a little bit. I had fun doing it, and I'm looking for a few more to do before the big race in July or August (I haven't figured out which one I want to do yet).

This is at the beginning...if you can't tell.
The race was at BYU, Emma was so excited to go to BYU, only because she wanted to see Cosmo, and lucky for us he was there, actually there were a few Cosmo's there cheering the runners on through the course.
Here's little James after a Doctor's appt. He had shots that day, and they always give him a sucker afterwards.
Emma started preschool in February. She absolutely loves going and learning and playing with her friends. One day they walked to the fire station and learned about fire trucks. She also will tell you all about fire safety...stop, drop and roll, and my favorite "don't hide, go outside," she says this while shaking her finger at you and has a very serious face.
We have loved having a Winco near us, it's about a 30-40 minute drive there, so we go about once a month a stock up. The best part about Winco is that they have Tillamook ice cream(yum). We have really missed having good ice cream right at our finger tips since we've moved back to Utah.
Emma had her first primary activity, the Winter she is with her Gold medal, which she has now consumed.
For Valentine's Day I sold chocolate dipped strawberries to people in our neighborhood, and quite a few others. It's nice to have a little extra money now and then, and I really enjoy doing stuff like this. I'm doing it again for Mother's Day, so anyone local that reads our blog, let me know if you're interested.
These are some strawberries I did for the family. We all loved them, my favorites were the ones in dark chocolate.
James and Emma really likes them.
Here are some of the ones' I sold. We figured it out and I dipped about 220 throughout the weekend.

James likes to climb in our bins of books and read...he's seen Emma do it and he has to do everything she does.
This is Emma on her first day of preschool, she was so excited.
This is James watching the Super Bowl
For Christmas my parents bought the kids this fun tent...I have to admit I wasn't thrilled about it. But they have absolutely loved playing in it.

We are doing pretty well right now. Emma loves her preschool and her Sunbeams(church) class. She is learning so much and constantly amazes us with her knowledge. She loves to sing, and knows a lot of songs.
James keeps us on our toes. He runs and climbs and likes to get into everything. He has discovered that he can put toys in the potty. We says wow, whoa, huh-uh, and uh-uh, dad, and a few other things.