Sunday, November 16, 2008

The first snow

We had the first snow of the year, as soon as Emma saw the snow she wanted to go outside and build a snowman. Once Geoff got home from work he took her out and helped her...she had so much fun. As you can see the snowman likes to golf. She was a little bit disappointed when the snowman melted, but she is excited to build another one when it snows again. Geoff also took Emma sledding, but we didn't get any pics of that.
I think she looks so cute in her new snowsuit, thanks Grandma for buying it for her.

Happy Halloween

We had so much fun this Halloween. Emma dressed up like a fairy, and James had a little Halloween outfit. We took Emma out trick or treating and left James with my parents for a little bit. She had so much fun, we ended up going out for a really long time. She got tons of candy, and still asks to go trick or treating again.

Instead of carving a pumpkin we used a mr. potato head pumpkin set, Emma had fun with it.

Emma also loved her glow in the dark necklace that her nursery leaders gave her.

She tried to wait so patiently at all the doors, she would knock on the door and say trick or treat, it was so much fun.

This is a picture of Emma and Great Grandma, she went trick or treating up to the assisted living center earlier in the day with my mom, she had lots of fun.
Aunt Emily decided to make Halloween cookies and let Emma help, she had lots of fun rolling out the dough.