Monday, December 7, 2009

A Grandma unlike any other

James and Grandma last Christmas
Emma and Grandma coloring last Christmas

Mothers Day 2007

Grandma, Mom, Mandy, Emma at about 1 month old.
These are just a few pictures of my wonderful Grandma Lund. Grandma passed away this last Friday. We all loved her very much. She was such a wonderful Grandma and Great Grandma. She loved her family, she made family her priority. She was always very supportive and loving. She worried about all of us and always wanted to make sure that we were all happy and taken care of. She loved to cook, and always offered to feed us, even if it was fried spam! We are all going to miss her very much, but we know where she is now, she is with our family that has gone before her, she is with her sweetheart, the love of her life. Knowing that is so comforting.
We will miss you very much Grandma, we love you.