Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dirty Dash

We ran the Dirty Dash in June...this was my incentive for finishing my first Half Marathon. Geoff said he would run a 5k with me. I picked this one, Geoff hates running, and I thought the 5k obstacle course through the mud would be more fun for him. Curtis, Nicole and Alicia joined our team "Evergreen Chiropractic--not afraid to get our hands dirty" We couldn't come up with a more creative name, but next year we will be creative and have costumes to make the even more fun. I will warn you in the next few pictures you can see that we had a little too much fun with the mud, if you don't want to see them...scroll down to the end.

Yep, a little too much fun! Apparently we get a little crazy when there is this much mud around!
Before all the fun in the mud started. We decided we needed a before the race picture.
This is towards the end of the race, you can't see it well, be we were getting pretty dirty. and having a really good time.

This is after swimming through the pool of mud(so much fun!)
The race started with the climb up a very muddy slope! It was actually pretty hard, our shoes were sticking in the mud, Geoff ended up taking off his shoes and running barefoot for the rest of the race.
Here we are in all our muddy glory.
I love this picture...Benjamin really doesn't like to be dirty.
Getting ready to cross the finish line

You might ask how we got all the mud off...well, Curtis was kind enough to run back to the car and pay for the girls to take warm showers...the cold ones were not going to cut it. These were outdoor showers, so we basically got to rinse off. Once we got home, it took 4 more showers to get clean...I had to wash my hair 8 times to get the mud out! We all will admit we found mud in random our ears, for about a week! We had a blast with this run...and can't wait to run it again next year. Emma and James are going to participate in the "piglet plunge" next time.

Lagoon Fun

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Lagoon. The kids of course had a blast.
They rode horses
And helicopters
Made silly faces

Dropped from a Dinosaur Egg

Went swimming with a whale
And got their drivers license.

We had a blast even in the rain!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Field day and a ride on Thomas

I know I keep saying I will get this blog caught up, but we have been having a lot of fun this summer, and we have also been very busy at the office. (this is a wonderful thing).

In May we went to ride Thomas the Train, if you don't know who that is you probably don't have little boys. James loves Thomas! He was so excited to see him and ride a train. They had a other little activities for the kids to do, they got Thomas temporary tattoo's, they had story time, and color time, and they got their picture taken with Sir Topham Hat, or as James calls him "hat".

They also got to ride in a little motor car(not sure what happened to those pictures).

This is from Emma's field day at preschool. It was cute to see her little pigtails bouncing around.

It was also hilarious to see them play tug-o-war. James wanted to get in on the action too, he wasn't quite sure what to do.

Another picture on the train.

It was fun to see the kids do the potato sack race...James tried really hard to figure it out.