Sunday, March 18, 2012

The end of October

On October 24th James turned 3. He loves trains, especially Thomas, so I made him another train cake. He was so excited for it.

He was excited to open his presents. We had a small family party for him. I think everyone enjoyed watching his excitement.

He was very excited to get Tidmoth sheds.

I didn't want to do a separate post for this since I am so behind. I ran the Halloween Half marathon on the 31st. It was a little unorganized, which was frustrating, but it was fun to see how adventurous people got with their costumes. This was my 3rd half(I am planning more). I took 8 minutes off my last time, I'm still super slow, but at least I finished.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trip to Washington

In October we took a trip to Washington to visit Geoff's family. On the drive home we stopped in Hood River to get some yummy apples. The kids loved finding all the big apples.
James and Mommy, Emma was behind the camera
James loved pick apples, and so did Emma.
They found some HUGE ones
This is our sweet niece Emily. While we lived in Washington we loved playing with her...she was 8 when this picture was taken...pretty sure she's taller than me now!

We were there just a few days before James' birthday, so we had a little family party for him.

We had so much fun at the beach. The kids could live on the beach I think. In the evening we went out to take some family pictures, we hadn't really planned on getting in the water...but the water had different plans for us...we got caught by a few sneaker waves. The kids had a lot of fun with that.

Emma was walking funny after all our fun because of her super wet pants :)

The kids being silly(as always)
During the day we made a sand castle...Emma was more interested in making "soup" out of sand.
James and Daddy mostly worked on the sand castle.
Emma on a mission
I don't know why so many of my pictures keep loading this way, but i love this picture, so I'm not deleting it.

The kids really like hopscotch, so I found a stick and drew them there own hopscotch mats, they had a blast.

Before we went into long beach we made a stop at Seaside and took the kids to the aquarium there. Seaside aquarium really isn't anything fantastic, but you can feed the seals, that's why we went.
I didn't get good pictures of them feeding the seals, or of the seals, just because of the set up, it's kind of hard...but they had so much fun.

We even got Emma to touch a star fish.

September in a nutshell

Emma played her final soccer game, Daddy coached the last 2 games
James was recruited by BYU(not really)

UVU had an Alumni event on 9/11, they had some fun activities for the kids, including face painting, children's parade and a make your own rocket booth. They had a blast.