Friday, January 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Every August Thanksgiving Point does $2 Tuesday...I love the gardens there, and so every year we take the kids for a little stroll and photo shoot. This year I got a lot of really good are a bunch of them...

I love how much these two love each other, I hope they are always best friends.
One of their favorite parts of the gardens is the fish pond, this year we found some frogs too, they loved it.
The fish were very hungry!

I absolutely love these pictures of my beautiful those blue eyes!

Emma loves to make funny faces and be silly.

My sweet little boy...he always makes me smile, even when he's in trouble!


Can't wait until August and we can go again.

Emma's Birthday

Emma turned 5 in July, here are some pics from her party. She wanted a Tangled party. We played pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider
We made sandy candy
and a pascal.
and Candy necklaces
We opened presents

Blew out candles and ate birthday cake

Emma had a great birthday, besides these fun party activities we had a treasure hunt...we had to do it quick because it started raining. I had bought some really cool floating lanterns online to send off at the end of the party, but the rain and wind made that impossible. Emma had so much fun with all her friends, and it was fun to see them all interact with each other.